Friday, August 28, 2009

Mystery Solved!

Hudson is into dinosaurs! He likes to read about them, talk about them and put his play figures on his dirt bikes and roll them across the floor. We've watched a couple of dvd's where he was introduced to the concept of dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs (yikes!) Well, at breakfast the other morning we had a conversation that went a little something like this....

Hudson: Mommy?
Mommy: Yes buddy?
Hudson: Where are the dinosaurs?
Mommy: They're all dead buddy.
Hudson: Hmmm (he says this alot, like he's deep in thought) How did they die?
Mommy: Well, no one knows for sure. We'll have to ask God one day when we get to heaven.
Hudson: I know how they died!
Mommy: Oh really! How?
Hudson: It was the apple.
Mommy: The apple? What apple?
Hudson: The apple on the tree. It fell and they died.

Asteroids? Nope. The flood? I don't think so. It was the apple. Definitely the apple :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

Ah, the smell of horses! There's nothing like it. I forgot how much I loved the smell of it mixed with the scent of leather. "What on earth is she talking about?" I know some of you may think I've lost my mind but, oh no, I'm just taking a walk down memory lane. This past weekend Hudson finally decided he was brave enough to ride the horses at Marty's parent's house. It's only taken him 3 years to muster up the courage but he decided he was finally ready. Not to be outdone by her brother, Addison took a spin too! This was especially thrilling to me because I grew up riding and showing horse, as did Marty.

Random Pearce Family Trivia Time!!

Did you know that me and Marty use to show horses on the same show circuit back when we were in middle and high school? We didn't know each other back then but I'm sure we crossed paths many times. I like to imagine that he noticed me one day from across the show ring and thought to himself..."I don't know that girl but one day I'm going to marry her and we're going to make beautiful babies...." Ok, maybe not. Oh, and did you know that Marty was fourth in the world in his division and I was undefeated for 3 years in mine? Not that I'm bragging or anything... :)

Now back to last Friday...Here are a few pictures and one oldie, just for the fun of it :)

Back then....
.....and now. It's not quite as easy as it use to be!

Me and my little boy.

There's nothing like it!

Look at my handsome boys!

Addi had to try it out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lazy Days of Summer

What have the Little P's been up to this summer? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Nothing much, just some swimming, bike riding, toddling, blueberry eating, dinosaur learning, napping, sweating summer fun. Oh, and did I mention some....

couch potatoeing,

meaning of life pondering,

good book reading,

WWF training,

and monkey kissing?

Those silly Little P's :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Super Hudson

I'm feeling super pitiful today. I'm realizing how my super sweet boy is growing up super fast. It all started when I gave my friend some of his old winter clothes this morning and realized how super big he is compared to this time last year. Then we found out he was accepted into a 2 day a week preschool which means I won't get to see him 2 mornings a week starting next month. Sigh. I miss him already. I told him he was going to be going to preschool soon (which he is super excited about) and that I was going to miss him. He told me, "cry mommy." "Just cry." Wow, how super insightful. I mean, how could you not miss a super adorable face like this?

Super Cheesy

Super Flexible


Super Fit

Super Playful

Super Smiley

Super Friendly

Superly Adored By His Mommy

Ok, superly isn't a word but you get the point.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Addison: 11 Months

Miss Addi girl is 11 months today. This past month she has mastered walking, which has pretty much been her favorite thing to do. She's done with crawling! She likes to find something interesting to hold and toddles around with it in her hand. She gives kisses on demand and sings to herself when we rock her on the rocking horse. She is quite the character and is always making us laugh. She doesn't like baby food anymore and eats mostly finger foods. Her favorites are blueberries and peas. She weighs about 21 lbs and is walking off most of her sweet baby fat. Check out these pics of our sweetie :)