Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That's MY Man!!

I just had to take a minute and brag and my wonderful husband. We just found out that he was chosen as City Of Durham's Firefighter of the Year!! We're so proud of you babe!!

In other news...I took Addison to the ped's yesterday for her diaper rash.Turns out, it was a yeast infection. Yuck! We have a prescription cream so hopefully it'll clear up very soon. Our little chunk munk weighed in at 9lb 4oz.

One more thing.. please pray for our sweet friends Shannon and Jeremy. Their son Owen was born on Sunday night and has had trouble regulating his breathing. He's in the special care nursery at Rex and last I heard Shannon was going to be discharged today without him. He's doing better than he was yesterday but I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave the hospital without your baby. I'll post an update as soon as I hear something. Thanks :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Dress Up

Well, Marty has outdone me on blogging. While he chooses to write meaningful things about our children and their spirituality, I have chosen to write about how I use my sweet little girl as a dress up doll :)
She has many cute newborn dresses that she will never wear due to the fact that it feels like an igloo in our house and we haven't been anywhere to show off her cuteness. I decided to make use of these outfits and play dress up with little Addison. She only let me get through 2 outfits before she had had enough.
On another note...she had a diaper rash that will not go away.I've tried Desiden, Balmex, Bourdeaux Butt Paste and Aquaphor. Does anyone have any other suggestions? If it's not better by tomorrow, we're taking her to the doctor.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Daddys Reflection on Monday.

Lauren often wonders what is going through my mind while I sit at a stoplight, and when it turns green I respond with the reaction time of somebody heavily stoned playing a lightning round of Jeopardy. Well here is a peek into what caused that situation today.
I think: I realize that I have the best job in the world, and the most challenging one as well. Becoming a father has been a blessing in so many ways it is impossible to describe. The thing that stands out to me as the most joyful, and at the same time a heavy responsibility, is teaching them to love Christ as much as he loves us. Knowing how much I love Hudson and Addison; I reflect and think of God and the sacrifice he made for our sins. WOW! By reflecting on this, you can then see a glimpse of the Lords love for us. I feel as if I can't possibly love Hudson and Addison any more, and yet I know God’s love is so much more pure and perfect; I can’t even fathom it. WOW again! I have always said “If you want to feel a small glimpse of how much God loves you, have a child or raise a child.”
We as parents must keep God’s love in our thoughts, words, and actions when we praise, discipline, guide, and especially when we pray over them. They are watching and listening. These children are the not just the future adult leaders, they are also the ones that can spread the good Gospel in our schools, playgrounds, and churches. Pray for these tiny soldiers; they are soldiers in Gods army who will be challenged every day in the ever growing world of temptation and "Culture."

Who's The Prettiest Girl?

Well, obviously our sweet Addison Grace. Isn't she the cutest? She's also the sweetest! My guess is that she's weighing in at a little over 8 lbs. She eats every 3 hours and sleeps like a champ! She loves to swing in her swing and sleep on Daddy's chest. We love her to bits :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Week

Well....we made it...two whole days with no Daddy. The week went surprisingly smooth with few meltdowns. On Wednesday, my little girl had her fist milestone. No, she didn't roll over, sit up, walk, crawl or say her first word. She did something just as equally exciting. She had her first trip to Target! That's my girl! We celebrated the occasion by buying diapers and paper towels. On Friday, I put Addison in the sling and took Hudson to the park. She slept the whole time and Hudson had a ball riding his tricycle in the cooler weather. Both nights we ate dinner with my parents and last night we went to the mall to participate in one of Hudson's favorite activities..."riding Bob." Here are a few pics of our week. Notice how much our little lady is changing!

Snoozing at the mall.

Look mom...no hands!

Sweet girl :)
Best buds!
Mommy and Addison
Daddy and Addison.

Hudson riding the 4-wheeler.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Babies

I finally managed to get a shot of both of my young'ins. Aren't they the cutest? We've been having a great time with Daddy these past few weeks but he's going back to work in3 days! Yikes! This also may be the last picture taken of me with no gray hair. Stay tuned!
Look at how much she's changed! So sweet!

Who's The Best Big Brother?

This post is dedicated to the world's coolest and cutest big bro. What sister wouldn't want this kid for a big brother? Way to be a sweet boy! We love you Hudson :)

Playing Catch Up

Since Marty and Hudson are at church and Addison is asleep, I thought I'd try to catch up on my blogging.
Here are a few pics from the week before Addison was born.
We finally made it to the Natural Science Museum. Hudson wasn't really that interested in most of the exhibits except for the dinosaurs! We took him through the butterfly house and you would have thought it was a torture chamber! He screamed like I had never heard. I literally had to run through the exhibit with my hand over his mouth. Odd child, but oh so cute :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One More Thing

I forgot to mention that Hudson can now snowboard!!

What Life Is Like Now...

We've officially began life with 2 kids. Things have been great so far, thanks to my incredible husband who cleans and entertains Hudson. On our first day at home, Hudson and I made Addison a birthday cake as a way to try to get him to warm up to his new sister. He's slowly showing more interest and he even asked to hold her this evening!
Addison is such an easy baby! She eats and sleeps and that's about it. She only cries if she's hungry and she's a great snuggler! We had to take her to the ped's twice this week for a weight check. The doctor was concerned that she lost 9 oz in 24 hrs but once my milk came in, she gained 6 oz back in a day! We've very grateful to have such sweet and fun kids and couldn't ask for anything better!
Addison on her way home from the hospital.
Mommy and Hudson making Addison's birthday cake.
Hudson bonding with Addison (he'll actually kiss her on the head if we ask him to.)
Daddy's little girl.
Snuggled up in bed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet Baby Addison

The newest addition to the Pearce family made her appearance Tuesday morning a little before 3 am. She was 2 weeks early and weighed in at 7lb 2oz and measured 20 1/2" long.
We were at Marty's parents house in Bahama for a Labor Day dinner (literally) when my water broke. I had played this scene in my mind many times before but remained much calmer than I had imagined I would. We dropped Hudson off at our house with my mom and got to the hospital around 8:00. At 11:00 I still wasn't contracting so they started pitocen. Around 1:45 is when things really started picking up. I asked for my epidural but the anesthesiologist was busy with another patient so unknowing to me, I got my epidural at 10 cm! I pushed for about 30 minutes and out she came!!
We're hoping to go home today and to try to find a new normal. Hudson has decided to completely ignore the fact that she is here. He's acknowledged her maybe 2 times. Last night when he came to visit me, I was holding Addison and he pushed my leg and told me.."Mommy, go rock your baby." Fun times are ahead..... :)

On the phone with Anna letting her know I was in labor. Don't you love the socks?

Mommy...meet Addison!

I love my girl!

The first official "Pearce (family of four) Photo."